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Fine line between fashion, and rape and soft porn

Best Editorial Article - School Paper Category | Gawad Pluma Awards | 10.11.14

Sex sells – this is something we continuously hear when it comes to fashion campaigns. Recently, reports about how a fashion event objectified and commoditized women to the extent that it resembles soft porn, and how a department store trivialized rape culture by putting sensitive statement on their shirts created a fuss and circulated over the internet. Has the fine line between fashion, and rape and porn finally been crossed?

The Bench/’s “The Naked Truth” event drew much controversy because of its provocative acts showcasing almost naked bodies of celebrities and models especially of females while performing antics bordering soft porn on the runway. There was even a part when two models lip locked while being watched by Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriguez. Also at the show, Coco Martin dragged around an acrobatic woman on a leash positioned on four like a pet dog.

In the Philippines in which it is in the culture to uphold the dignity of women, these kinds of acts aren’t widely accepted. Also, women were portrayed as if like a product that can be bought and sold. Some acts were inhumane as well. It was never socially acceptable to treat anyone literally like an animal.

On the other side, shirts trivializing rape culture by putting “It’s not rape. It’s a snuggle with a struggle.” sold at SM Megamall Department Store’s boys section drew an outrage online prompting the store to immediately pull them out, and conduct an investigation why it was included in the assorted T-shirts.

Rape isn’t funny – never was, never will – and putting these on the shelves on the boys section is something to be alarmed of. Rape is a serious crime entailed with long-term and lifelong impacts on the victims. So-called jokes like this could possibly give the boys a wrong hint that it is actually fine to rape.

Fashion, in one way or another, can be a reflection of culture. These are not the values we surely want to impart to the next generations. There is no need for local fashion to dive into these marketing strategies and take the low road just to sell, and feed our vanity and desires. While we continuously tolerate this form of “entertainment” to happen, we do not realize that we are slowly allowing ourselves to accept rape, and objectification and commodification of women as normal. These things are serious issues to take. There can be no justifiable reason for them to be considered as comical.

Young laborers of Bangkerohan.

"I gave you the best of me, he’d told her once, & w/ every beat of her son’s heart, she knew he’d done exactly that."

"I gave you the best of me, he’d told her once, & w/ every beat of her son’s heart, she knew he’d done exactly that."

Misplaced Pinoy Pride

Vol. XX, No 8 | Sunday, September 14, 2014 | y-speak (Sunday Essays)

PINOY Pride – we hear and see it almost every day; from the word of mouth, printed texts, and even on the internet. But only few dare to look at the depth of it. What really is a “Pinoy Pride”?

Filipinos have been using the term for many years already. Briefly, it is bringing pride to the Philippines by being represented internationally or when the nation gets noticed internationally – oops, sounds like there is something inaccurate with the conditions in which Filipinos exhibit it.

If you grew up exposed to teleseryes, you would notice the “different stories, same recipes” structure in which typically the protagonist who is a victim of poverty battles with the rich antagonist and eventually wins the fight. This is exactly how we would describe some of our kababayans; trapped in the mindset of inferiority that whenever we hear about a single Filipino’s success abroad, we then turn into a bunch of crazy fan girls ready to go through every medium to show full support.

As if the mindset really runs in our system. Well, we cannot blame others for historically, our ancestors also felt inferior, one way or another before, than the invaders during their time and that same like the stories in teleseryes, they have fought against what were then the antagonists and eventually won.

If you happen to be a lurker in the cyber world, you would bump into a good number of Filipino users who constantly use the term around the internet sites whenever, again, we get noticed by the world. Let’s take for example posts about Filipinos known worldwide like Manny Pacquiao, Jessica Sanchez, etc., and even about scenes from foreign films which was shot in the country – they dominate every single thread that exists, sounding like a child boasting to a playmate about his new toy.

Sometimes also, if those aren’t enough, we then start looking for any ounce of Filipino blood in successful foreign individuals. “Half Filipino - Half..”, “Fil-…” and alike suddenly appear on our timelines, TV screen, printed copies of texts, etc.

Sadly, even in the news, they also use this to attract readers for they know some Filipinos love seeing those. Just like recently when Robin Williams passed away, a lot of the news headline contained “Robin Williams’ Fil-Am ex-wife”, “What Robin Williams thought of Filipino women”. Wow, seriously?

It sometimes comes off as pathetic when we continuously look for reasons to associate one’s success or even just attributes to his/her heritage even if most of the time, the success doesn’t really have to do with him/her being a Filipino. It just seems like the whole nation is beseeching for acceptance and attention from the world.

Being proud to be one isn’t bad for as long as it is expressed in a right way and the pride is a product of right reasons. We do not have to shove in their faces the achievements if those really deserve admiration – it shouldn’t be earned forcedly, it should be given. Let the achievements speak for themselves.

As what other people say, having no pride isn’t something to be ashamed of; likewise, having humility isn’t also. Controlled ego is the key – it should be the main ingredient for Pinoy Pride.

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Congrats Gilas Pilipinas! Philippines’ first World Cup victory in 40 years! PUSO!

Congrats Gilas Pilipinas! Philippines’ first World Cup victory in 40 years! PUSO!